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Slimy Spawn T.V. is an amorphous collective of extreme and offensive online comics who place high value on individual freedom. We hate censorship.


The group was founded in 2018 in Cleveland, OH by video editor/comedian Father Seahorse and initially included Sammyboi (aka BrainWounds) who starred in classic videos such as "Chicken Handz" & "Tippy Toes". Sammyboi walked away from Slimy Spawn T.V. halfway through the first season.


The group experienced initial success when Father Seahorse's stand up comedy was posted on, the video amassed tens of thousands of views overnight.


Following this triumph Father Seahorse linked up with the infamously wild grindcore band MDFL and Slimy Spawn T.V. was joined by artists Pbapes & MoneyxMeesk. The video "We Only Have Each Other" is a shockumentary about MDFL.

In 2019 Pbapes appeared on the nationally syndicated radio show 'Rover's Morning Glory' where he said the N-word and sent the show's cast into complete panic mode.


Father Seahorse would later appear on 'The Dick Show' podcast (hosted by Dick Masterson) to discuss his stand up comedy as well as the release of the Slimy Spawn T.V. DVD.

Father Seahorse and Slimy Spawn T.V. associates created the 'Potentially Dangerous' project from 2019-2020. There exist 3 finished episodes and some extras on the official website:

& Here

This is now a defunct project. Father Seahorse is retired.

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